Narva 1

KommenttiFesko - 14.10.2005


KommenttiAarne_k - 15.10.2005 (Muokattu 15.10, 20:12)

Hi Fesko
This one is really fine the foxwing salmonfly !!! ;) I have to tie some kind of, what is nearly at this fly. Because i dont have black krystal flash. :)

Indeed it's fine and almost perfect !! "perfect" because here finland no one can't tie never perfect fly's. ;) Even though you live there Estonia i mean at down there. So you can ! :D

PS. I'm really sorry my englich, it's like a muck! :(


KommenttiFesko - 15.10.2005

Hello Aarne_k

Thanks for kind words about my flies.
Krystal flash it is possible to replace something with another.
And nevertheless I think, that in Finland there are fine masters on knitting flies.
Finland for me always an example on knitting flies.
At you many good masters, such as Toni Kakkuri, Lauri Syrjänen I would like to study at them.
Your flies very much like me.

My English too not so good, the main thing, that we understand each other.
I study the Finnish language a little.

KommenttiTatuu - 16.10.2005

Nice fly - like all yours! Keep it going...

It's very nice to have foreign fly tyers to here Perhorasia. How did you find out this place?

Kommenttimianka - 16.10.2005

Very nice looking fly.

I especially like the blue color of this fly. It's so deep blue. If I'd be a fish, I'd prefer this fly to take on :)

Very nice salmon also. Is river Narva a good salmon river?

Kommentti0100474 - 17.10.2005

Once again: simple beaty. Your flies are all aexcellent, especially your way to finish these baeauties warms my mind.

Kommenttijjari - 17.10.2005 (Muokattu 17.10, 11:36)

I was also wondering about the river Narva. I was in Narva this august and saw some fishermen wading in the river between the castles.


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