The Swan

KommenttiFesko - 29.10.2005


Kommenttikjmakela - 30.10.2005

Olipas hieno herätä talviajan ensimmäiseen aamuun, kun tällainen perho odotti Perhorasian sivuilla:)
Käsittämättömän hieno perho ja vielä mielettömän hyvin sidottu.
Onkos tämä sidottu kalastus käyttöön vai ns. tauluperhoksi?

KommenttiZalmon - 30.10.2005

Käsittämättömän hieno. Kaikki JCt ei ole ihan linjassa, mutta viis siitä. Näin muistin perusteella taistelee ykköspaikasta Viherpiipertäjän kanssa. Siis tauluperho-osastolla.

Kommenttitunari - 30.10.2005

Great work Fesko! Very nice fly indeed. This fly reminds me from "lady amherst", maybe for the amherst pheasant wing, i think. Almost perfect, i like your style. Keep up the great work!

KommenttiJussi_h - 30.10.2005

Absolutely beautiful, Fesko! I like especially how you have tied the throat in longer than usual to give balance to the heavy wing. However, I would prefer tying these beauties in a blindeye hook.

By the way, the pattern is by Charles Chute, according to Radencich´s book (?)

Kommenttityer - 30.10.2005

Wow, one of the best flies here! Those crests are perfekt and the hackel is too. THe wing is very good too, almost perfect. That brown ostrich is nice :D:D

Kommentti0100474 - 30.10.2005 (Muokattu 30.10, 14:56)

This is just incredible. I wouldn`t dare to put this in the water. I`d keep it somewhere safe...

Kommenttiolof - 30.10.2005

I do not usually like these "show flies". But this so near to a Finnish Salmon fishing fly that I like it. The body is very nice.

KommenttiFesko - 30.10.2005


I am very glad that my small work has liked you. I shall try to do better. Small mistakes always are, but that I them see the most important.


Yes really the throat has turned out as balance. And I did it so because beautifully. Yes, I with you agree, that it is better to do this fly on other hook but then I did not have it.


I am very glad that you liked my fly


In water this fly it would not be desirable. And the safe at me is not present;). This fly I have presented my friend at date of a birth.


I understand you. Too not all modern classical flies like me. I like old styles more. It would be desirable to study how to do old Finnish flies.

Kommenttiolof - 30.10.2005

The Teno 10 that you have tied is quite close to this Finnish style of doing Salmon flies..
Main thing is when you make the wing, first take half of material off which you have taken and then take again half of. And then you have the material for good old style Finnish Salmon fly..

KommenttiFesko - 30.10.2005


Thanks for your sight. It to me helps to do further and better. I plan to make all of fly TENO.

Kommenttiperho-pirho - 31.10.2005

I don't understand anything about these salmon flies. But i can say one thing: This fly is perfect!

KommenttiFesko - 31.10.2005


This fly as a heart.


Jos sinulla ei ole tunnusta, ole hyvä ja rekisteröidy.

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