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KommenttiFesko - 31.10.2005


Kommentticarambola - 02.11.2005

Unbelievable how someone can make a fly this "simple" look so good...
Nive job Fesko!!

Kommenttiolof - 02.11.2005 (Muokattu 2.11, 14:29)

Good looking Fly. This is a fly to Teno river.

Kommenttityer - 02.11.2005

Great work as always!!
A smaller and a bit simplier version to the trout maybe??
(Cannot believe that hackel, too good for me! :D)

KommenttiFesko - 02.11.2005


Thanks. I think that there are no bad flies, is simple at each person the outlook on life. And it is interesting.


Thanks. Your flies too like me, it is good work. And why you consider that this fly for the river Teno? This fly is made in Finland.


Yes, work greater. For good business of time it is not a pity.

Kommenttijmpalola - 02.11.2005

Nice fly! Nevertheless some things could be do better I think. Firstly, a wing is quite long. The shorter wing would seem better in my eyes and then it couldn't go behind a hook. Secondly, a head would be smaller. Anyway, the fly looks very good and I also think it gives salmons from Teno river!

Kommenttiolof - 03.11.2005

Because The Wing is quite long and it is not too thick. The fly is made for harling fishing.

Kommenttiolof - 03.11.2005

Because The Wing is quite long and it is not too thick. The fly is made for harling fishing.

KommenttiEvotec - 03.11.2005

It depends what you are serching for when tying this fly. Some people are looking for an aesthetic form for a fly and they say the wing is too long, some people are looking for a fly to catch a salmon of their life and say this could be the "one". In my opinion this is an excellent fly for trying to catch a salmon from river Teno. I have used some similar flies with considerably longer wings and have caucht some salmons as well using them.

For some years I have been disarguing about thinness and shortness of wing when fishing in river Teno and with some succeess as well, but only for my own pleasure as I haven't been up to these columns.

Nice fly and a pattern to kill when fishing in river Teno or other Artic sea river systems.

Your homepage is bookmarked to my computer. Keep on tying and keep on fishing.

Kommenttijmpalola - 03.11.2005

That's true says Evotec. Everybody make flies they like to do them and on their own ways. This fly owns very straight contrast that looks good. It also works on dirty and rainy weather.

KommenttiFesko - 04.11.2005


Thanks. To me very important your opinion. You really correctly speak. The wing should be made more shortly. I think that I have made a wing very vertically, and the head has turned out big. Thanks for advice, I shall make to little bit another.

Kommenttijone_15 - 09.04.2006

Well done as always! The tippet isn't really well tied and wing is too long for my taste. But after all this could be very good to the Teno river!

Kommenttiolof - 23.07.2007

I think that the flyes head is ok.. Many people look too much the flyes head.. I think in normal flyes head doesn´t effect the way fly is luring the fish ? Maybe if the head is colored in read or something..


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