KommenttiFesko - 06.11.2005


Kommenttisoininen - 06.11.2005

Hey dude. That's very nice one. Gongratulations to you.

KommenttiFesko - 06.11.2005 (Muokattu 6.11, 18:35)


:) ;)

Likely to whom that will be interesting.

KommenttiDustin - 06.11.2005

Thanks for the complete instruction!:) Simple but very nice fly too!

Kommenttisoininen - 06.11.2005

I like your flies. I don't speak good english but they are so simply and perfect. I don't like my flies because they are grab I think. Hold on your work!That is perfect :):)

Kommenttijmpalola - 06.11.2005

Yes it is fine! Have you got fishes with this kind of tube flies? I interested to do and test tubes like this, but any happens in this summer... How about you?

KommenttiSOme Duuude - 07.11.2005

I have never tried to make a tube fly myself, because they look so hard to do. Seeing how easy it is step by step, I think I should Give it a try sometime. Greatly combined colors dude.

Kommentti0100474 - 07.11.2005

These step- by- step directions are always welcome and especially from someone skilled tier like you. So thank you very much.

KommenttiFesko - 08.11.2005


I am very glad if it is useful


At me English too not so good. It is not necessary to speak about the flies badly. At everyone flies are made on the and it is good, we can think of new flies. And if all had identical flies then it would be not interesting.


Thanks. The life goes, and it should to try be noticed. With this fly still did not fish, likely on target I shall go to Narva there and I shall try.

SOme Duuude

I shall be glad, if my photos to you will help to make the good fly.


Thanks. I think that I the usual fan. But I very much like it to do.

Kommenttisoininen - 09.11.2005

Thanks to you Fesko. Go ON!

KommenttiFesko - 09.11.2005


ok ;)

KommenttiAarne_k - 13.11.2005

Hi Fesko

Fine fly !! And steps are perfectly as well !! ;)

It's great to see you discuss a thing at here perhorasia.

I am just a little curious and i Viewing your profile i look for your Website address, but i don't find it?? :( And also I dont remember it. Can you set it your brofile? ;)

KommenttiWoodsman - 13.08.2009

Nice fly should i say. I thought that tube flies are much more difficult to build. Nice to see that you're giving us lot of your time, i ment this carefully made step by step introduction :) keep up good work..


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