Muddler Minnow

KommenttiFesko - 10.04.2006


Kommenttivvilho - 14.04.2006

Erittäin hyvin sidottu perho. Pää on onnistunut hyvin ja siipi on hyvin. Toivottavasti tulee kalaa. Ja hyvää pääsiäistä!:)

Kommenttianttejj - 14.04.2006

vvilho, Fesko ei ole suomalainen joten kannattaa varmaan englantia puhua :)

Fesko I still cant understand how you can make so nice muddlerheads, nice fly! :)

Kommenttilarvastelija - 14.04.2006

Hi Fesko!
Beautiful fly. I believe the trout will accept this. Scale is good at this fly. Where have you get that turkey? It looks high-class.

KommenttiBlize - 14.04.2006

Great work Fesko! Muddlerhead is incredible! I still can't find any mistakes. You really have showed that you are a world class fly tyier!:D Keep the same direction!

T: Blize

KommenttiCascade - 14.04.2006

Beautiful Fly! This muddlerhead is perfect!

KommenttiVille K. - 14.04.2006

Excellent fly once again, Fesko! The photograph is also very good quality. Your tying shows that even a simple fly can be great when tied by an artist like yourself. Keep up the good work!

Kommenttiperhonsitoja90 - 14.04.2006

Very beautiful fly!!!!!Muddlerhead in this fly is perfect! :) I wish you will get lots of fish!!! ;)

KommenttiFesko - 14.04.2006


I too am surprised, that so it turns out, I had a good mood


I also think that this fly is pleasant to a trout. Such turkey has bought on Perhomessu. To it to year too I shall go on Perhomessu. Thanks.


Thanks for a high estimation of my work. I think if you will make 50 pieces of such flies and at you will be супер.



Ville K.

Thanks. I selected style of a photo long but I think it has turned out successfully. Yes you correctly speak, any fly can be made well if to try.

KommenttiBlize - 14.04.2006

You're Welcome and thanks for your kind words Fesko:D

KommenttiFesko - 14.04.2006


For the good person, ALWAYS ;)

Kommentti0100474 - 14.04.2006

That head is just perfect. Do you sell your flies somewhere? I would like to purcase some of these flies you have added here.

KommenttiSalmo trutta - 14.04.2006

You really handle these muddler flies, keep it up:)

KommenttiK3tku^ - 16.04.2006

erittäin siisti sidos ! :)

KommenttiFesko - 16.04.2006


Write to me fesko/@/

Kommenttimikko_stenberg - 18.04.2006

Lovely Muddler Sergei!

Kommenttihauennarraaja - 30.01.2009

Oh my god what a fly!I cant even dream to make a muddler-head like that!That looks better muddler than don gaben did!You are the best flytier that i know.It´s honor to know you and see your flies.


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