KommenttiFesko - 29.06.2006


Kommenttitimppah - 04.07.2006

Very nice looking fly! And definitely very good floating. I can't notice any mistakes on it. Have you developed this fly yourself?
btw. what is that fish you have caught? Looks strange to me :D

KommenttiApinamies - 04.07.2006 (Muokattu 4.7, 18:23)

interesting and well-tied fly. I love dry flies which don't need any fly floatant liguids or similar stuff and this surely looks like one :) The bright colours surely are irresistible for certain beasts below surface. Using deer like you have used it in this fly and the Bomber you added earlier is something which would never have became to my mind. I hope it is a good style.

And to timppah: that fish looks like säyne (ide and orfe might be the english names for that fish, I'm not so good at names of fish in english) That fish can be surprisingly hard fighter if I remember right.

KommenttiFesko - 04.07.2006


I wished to make this fly that it on water long floated. It has turned out. But I wish still something to alter in this fly. On this fly I catch TURPA.


I am very glad that you liked my fly. I too do not like to use in addition different chemistry.


KommenttiFesko - 04.07.2006

Interestingly but on this fly I have caught grayling.

KommenttiReiman - 04.07.2006

Very nice fly, like all of your flies. But one additional question. Do you know any good place in tallinn to buy flytying material. I'll visit there quite soon and just wondering that pricelevel might be bit lover that our in finland.

KommenttiFesko - 04.07.2006 (Muokattu 4.7, 21:36)


Look in this shop "KALASTUSKESKUS".
Tallinn, Mustamäe tee 29.

There the seller speaks in Finnish.
MARKO tel.+3726720450

Kommenttiaappi - 09.07.2006

looks very interesting!

Kommenttiflybeam - 17.05.2007 (Muokattu 17.5, 14:54)

This fly is pretty interesting! I liked that how you will tying these flies, they are pretty simple and absolutely wonderfull! Gongratulations :D
And that fish on the picture is pretty :)
I think that you are one of the best fly-tyiers in this perhorasia.
(sorry, not very good english :))

Kommenttihauennarraaja - 25.01.2009

Wow,your imagination is fantastic!And your other flies are great too!How long you have been tied those flyes?


Jos sinulla ei ole tunnusta, ole hyvä ja rekisteröidy.

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