Tohtori Visa

KommenttiFesko - 25.04.2007


KommenttiAleksi_E - 30.04.2007

Very beautiful fly good work Fesko:):)

KommenttiMiika_ - 30.04.2007

Oh, that look fabulous! Perfect tying as allways. Keep up the good work Fesko!


Kommenttiillu p - 30.04.2007

Player, Is this so-called good quality turkey ?

Splendid work. I myself did just this weekend two of these Visa-flies, but they doesn't look so nice.

KommenttiJuho_123 - 30.04.2007

Awsome fly, fesko! Very balancing looking fly.

And briliant tyin, as usual.. I like!


KommenttiVille K. - 30.04.2007

How nice to see this, when I decided to have a look on this site after a long pause. Splendid fly! The photograph is also very good as usual.


Kommentti[Titti] - 30.04.2007

Perfect... And i watch this fly very long time and then i realise that this is THE salmon fly... :) Have you swim this fly in the river?
When you do that would you tell me does that villalanka work good, because it's seems to that tehe are a lot of it :D

(Sorry my bad english)


KommenttiOppipoika - 30.04.2007

That fly is almost perfect.
I think if you do this fly with smaller hook
(size 8-6) you can also catch grayling.

But look at the photograph! I really wonder how you can keep your table that clean.


Kommenttiplayer - 30.04.2007

Sergei. That is perfect Dr. Visa and almost wondeful tying.

illu, kyllä tuota hanhea voi pitää todella laadukkaana, jos löytyisi vielä se valkoinen latva, mutta tähän perhoon tämä on oivallinen valinta.

Kommentticoiner - 30.04.2007

Very well tied salmon fly. The tying materials are perfect and they are chosen very skilfull. Black is very black and red in the hackle is also dark as it should be. You can see drawing of this fly by Arvi Keränen (book, Old finish salmon flies, page number 131) and it seems to me, that the black/red hackle in the drawing is tied on the other side of the rib.
Am I right. I think that this is very good fly by night, if the hook is LW. Hyvää vappua kaikille!

KommenttiturboTinseli - 27.12.2007

Great work Sergei! Keep it going!!


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