Myllykoski (Nurmijärvi) | 11.9.2014 11:00

Kommenttibmsund - 11.09.2014

In the morning fog. Later clear skies and warm weather. Not possible to buy license from gas station anymore, so internet is the only option. License controllers were at the parking when I arrived, good. At the end of my session I saw a photographer at the rapids, ready for some jumping seatrout/salmon perhaps?

My fly pattern of the day was the muddler, with flies I acquired in Newfoundland, sizes #10 and #12, both similar even though the maker called the larger one moddler moth, and the smaller goulds muddler. I had one promising take on a classic daddy long legs, #10, but unfortunately it fell off shortly after taking the fly.

First was the trout (it felt a bit rude to catch and release them this close to spawning), which appeared to me as stationary and not of the sea run type, small about 15 cm, and maybe a wild one, not planted. Next came the chub, pretty large, but the red fins and the lack of temperament quickly made it clear that is was not one of the noble fishes. Last came the grayling, larger than the trout but smaller than the chub, beautifully colored, 20-30 cm long I approximate.

Really nice to get such fishing so close to the capital. Lets hope the trout makes a come back in southern Finland and that people respect the rules, I saw lots of litter around and signs of live bait (worm) fishing from the shore, not so cool.


KommenttiLauri - 12.09.2014

And this was in the Jaala region, right?

Kommenttiapprox - 13.09.2014

Otsikkona on Myllykoski(Nurmijärvi)|11.9.2014

Kyseessä on siis Vantaanjoki....

KommenttiLauri - 13.09.2014

Kappas niinpä onkin :D


Jos sinulla ei ole tunnusta, ole hyvä ja rekisteröidy.

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