Vantaankoski (Vantaa) | 22.9.2014 11:00

Kommenttibmsund - 22.09.2014

Getting closer to home base. I was planning to try also Ruutinkoski because I could not get it straight which license was required for that place so if I acquired a day license for vantaankoski this would cover also Ruutinkoski. Does any one know if it sufficient with etelä suomi lääni and state licenses for Ruutinkoski and pitkäkoski?

Contrary to my habit I tried sinking leader with a sink tip intermediate fly line and a gold headed nymph in one place where it was necessary to get down in the depths. Success. I fine taimen took the fly. As far I reckon it was about 40 cm long and perhaps 1 kg. My setup was not fantastic for throwing so I changed to floating line afterwards. No success. I saw a big fish surface above the bridges around kehä 3 and a smaller trout in mustakoski, hiding close to shore.


Jos sinulla ei ole tunnusta, ole hyvä ja rekisteröidy.

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